Wednesday, November 4, 2009

"New Mexico" Learn - Experience - Enjoy - Explore

For me New Mexico had always meant dry brittle lands, cactus and desert terrains. Inhospitable terrain and brown everywhere.. Until I got here and opened my eyes to the beauty that IS New Mexico Amazing

1. Learn:

Geology, Space, Biology, Archaeology and History—all in New Mexico

New Mexico is the place to visit to expand your intellectual horizons. The state's unique geology ranges from the Permian Age Carlsbad Caverns to white sand dunes to the high mountains in the northern part of the state. New Mexico also has world-class science at two national laboratories, several observatories, Spaceport America, and the Very Large Array, among others. History is everywhere. New Mexico has civil war battlefields, archaeological digs, and museums that encompass almost every intellectual interest. At the wildlife refuges, visitors can learn more about the environment all around us. The New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment, is the place to learn about the world all around us.

2. Experience:

Experience Unique New Mexico

New Mexico is well-known for its arts community. The state's art museums feature everything from folk art to glass to sculpture to paintings by Georgia O'Keeffe. But there's more to experience in New Mexico museums than art. Here, visitors can find something special in every county in the state. Parks, museums, fairs, festival, and tours are held year-round across New Mexico. The Smokey Bear Historical Park in Capitian, the National Atomic Museum in Albuquerque, the Clovis Depot Model Train Museum and the War Eagles Museum in Santa Teresa are but a few of the choices. There really is a museum for just about every interest.
Another great way to experience New Mexico is through art festivals across the state. During the summer months, there's a festival to be found somewhere in New Mexico every weekend. Local, regional and national artists bring their beautiful creations out of the studio for everybody to enjoy. Artist studio tours abound throughout the state—from Farmington to Silver City. These tours offer an opportunity for visitors to meet the artists and see first-hand how they create such masterpieces.
Art isn't the only thing to experience in New Mexico. From ice caves to monasteries to flying saucer landing sites, there's something amazing to experience in every part of New Mexico. And there's no better place to spend the holidays than the Land of Enchantment. From the historical Las Posadas in Santa Fe to traditional Victorian Christmas in Silver City, the holidays in New Mexico are beautiful.

3. Enjoy

Enjoy the World that is New Mexico

New Mexicans enjoy life. In every corner of New Mexico, visitors can find festivals, performances, restaurants and gaming. From the Santa Fe Opera to the Great Duck Race in Deming, there is an event or festival to capture the imagination of everybody in the family. Even the food is fun—in New Mexico, chili comes in “red, green, or Christmas.” Visitors who might be in a gaming mood can spend a day at the horse track or in one of the casinos throughout the state. Come out and enjoy the world that is New Mexico.

4. Explore

Explore the Past and See the Future in New Mexico

New Mexico is rich in old mining, ranching and railroading towns. The ghosts of Billy the Kid, Pat Garrett, John Chisum, and even Pancho Villa, all famous (or infamous) figures in New Mexico history, can be felt in many of the towns. Visitors can travel to these old places on the state's beautiful scenic byways, stopping at one (or several) of New Mexico's national and state parks and monuments along the way. There are dormant volcanoes, ancient lava flows, ice caves, fossil sites, archeological digs, and unique geology throughout New Mexico, just waiting to be explored.
But New Mexico isn't all about the past. New Mexico continues to be on the leading edge of new science and technology. The state is home to Los Alamos and Sandia National Laboratories, the Very Large Array, and several observatories. The clear night sky offers an amazing view of the stars. Speaking of stars, New Mexico will soon be the launch pad to them. The new Spaceport America is a visionary project many years in the making. New Mexico’s weather and wide-open spaces have been ideal for the aerospace industry since Robert Goddard, the father of modern rocketry, began conducting research in Roswell in the 1930s. He was followed by Wernher von Braun in the 1940s, and NASA in the 1980s. With the founding of Space Port America, the nation's first purpose-built commercial spaceport, New Mexico stands on the brink of the new space age.

Off to New Mexico Part 1

So now we are traveling across the USA to the western world and wilds of New Mexico. Once more you will get to benefit from my experiences and I will be sharing the experiences, the landscapes . adventure outings, FYI on safeties and the immediate changes in altitude and the "most note worthy " changes to be aware of when changing from sea level to 10000+ ....

Stay tuned .. I'm opening boxes as we speak so I will be in and out....

but..... I am coming back...

Stronger than ever, As outrageous as ever and YOU are gonna want to stay tuned in. We have loads to share, good and bad, wonders a plenty.

Adventures Never ending and ... "I" ... and just the women to bring it all to you!