Thursday, November 5, 2009

Native Amercian Culture Your Interest?...Dont Miss This Post....

Native America in New Mexico

Ms. Indian New Mexico The mystique of New Mexico's American Indian tribes is extremely powerful. The Navajo, Apache, Ute, Hopi and Pueblo cultures all call New Mexico home. Their unique languages, colorful dances, distinct arts and crafts, and cultural stories and traditions have been passed down through the generations and are intrinsic to the Land of Enchantment. The spiritual roots that sustain the state's various tribes, connecting them to the earth and sky, to wind and water, to sun and moon, and to their ancestors, are a prominent part of New Mexico’s rich cultural history. Read more about American Indian history in New Mexico... But there is more than just earth and sky to enjoy. New Mexico's tribes offer a variety of activities for your New Mexico vacation. From world-class casinos to concerts and dances, from golf and outdoor activities to museums, and from markets to feast days, Native New Mexico has something for everybody to enjoy and experience.

Download the Guide to New Mexico's Twenty-two American Indian Tribes, events and activities. Native New Mexico Visitor's Guide (pdf 2Mb).

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